News on Agri 1 & 3

Akuo Investment Management (AIM) invested 2.9 Million Euros in Solar Greenhouses in La Réunion Island – France

In 2006, Akuo Energy has developed the concept of Agrinergie which aim is to combine agriculture and renewable energy in the most optimized possible way. It is the systematic implementation of the idea that when a solar energy plant is in operation, a significant part of the land taken over may continue to fulfill its primary and most fundamental purpose: agriculture.

Agrinergie is of particular relevance on an Island such as La Réunion because of both its prohibitive land cost, which may turn away solar project developers, and its hurricane type of climate that challenges the sustainability of the crops as well as the profitability of the agricultural exploitation.

AIM invested around 2.9 Million Euros in 2 tranches in the SPV of Agrinergie SAS that owns Agrinergie 1 & Agrinergie 3, two hurricane proof greenhouse projects with a respective capacity of 1.02 MWp and 1.9 MWp located in the communes of Tampon and Saint-Louis.

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